Lusty Beg Island Weddings

During the long 100-mile drive to Matthew & Katrina’s Wedding at Lusty Beg Island Resort and Spa, which is a lakeside venue in Enniskillen in Northern Ireland, Ryan and I were conversing about the day ahead. We were already in full wedding mode due to our morning caffeine boost, delivered via our beloved coffee machine, and were bouncing ideas off each other as we always do on the day before and morning of the upcoming wedding.

Thinking back to other weddings we had shot there, I mentioned ‘One day I’m going to definitely get the groom party to jump off the jetty into the lake’. Ryan laughed and said ‘Good luck with that. It would take so much planning’.

Well, you can imagine my delight when I got the phone call from Ryan while I was capturing the bridal prep ‘Quickly Nushy, get your camera and get our here – they are up for it.’. Ryan had been in the middle of groom prep and mentioned in passing to the lads about how it was my goal to one day get a groom party to jump into the lake. The best man confidently replied in an instant ‘’We’ll do it’’ and within 2 minutes, they were dressed in only shorts and heading to the jetty.

The outdoor ceremony was held soon after on a jetty, just opposite the very jetty were the lads had swan dived off just a few hours earlier. Anyone who knows Northern Ireland, knows the daily weather forecast is rainy with the occasional outbreak of more rain followed by potential periods of light to heavy showers, so the fact that the ceremony was able to commence and complete outside, was a minor miracle.

The flowers on the day were some of the most amazing we’d seen that year. We get to work with so many amazing people, who all contribute so much to the couples big day, but special mention must be made for Harriott Reilly Floral Design who did an unforgettable job on the flowers.

Matthew also has experience in the wedding industry, with the company Virtu Events, and he made such a massive contribution to the day in terms or props, dance floor, photo booth and extra’s. He worked meticulously on the day to ensure everything was perfect, and it was.

Lusty Beg Island weddings always give the potential to get outside in the evening and out by the lake again for some night shots. We were there late into the evening to get some shots in the dark and the daunting drive home was made so much easier when we captured the last picture of the night on the Jetty where the day had begun. A fitting end.

Thanks for taking the time to view the blog. If you are getting married and are interested in having us capture your wedding, please feel free to get in touch.

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