Ibiza Wedding at Restaurante Casmila in Cala Tarida

Where do I start with this wedding of such great friends? Jude is like a sister to me and her family are my Northern Irish family – Arlene, Graham (Rambo), Kyle, his wife Karen and now the lovely Louis Darling. When Jude asked me to be her bridesmaid I was overwhelmed with emotion and accepted with tears in my eyes. She then asked if our daughter Sofia would be the flower girl Sofia was ecstatic at the thought of a holiday in the sun with a swimming pool.

Finally, Jude asked Ryan if he would be the photographer, and he was, well he wasn’t exactly over the moon – a wedding with so many friends in Ibiza and he would be working. As it turned out, I took up some photography duties on the day and Ryan got as drunk as anyone in the evening, as we all danced the night away.

Bridal/Groom Preparations

The preparations started in mid afternoon and Ryan headed off to see Mr. Darling in a nearby hotel as the girls got ready in the apartment we had rented. It was so nice to experience life on the other side of the lens for parts of the day and one I don’t get the privilege of doing very often. One of the downfalls of being a wedding photographer is you never get asked to weddings, you get asked to capture them

Ryan left Louis and the lads in their hotel, and got a taxi back to the rented apartment for the next part of the preparations. I was able to take the camera for some shots now and the other bridesmaid was Shelly Blair, who is a great make-up artist and did all our hair and makeup.

The Ceremony

We all set off to the ceremony in late afternoon and arrived in good time to see the white sand on the beach and the sun heading down behind the sea on the horizon. What an amazing place to get married.

The sun had moved into a position where it was no longer strong and harsh light, but a softer late evening light. I got so emotional seeing Sofia walking down the stairs and up the isle, while periodically dropping rose petals like a little angel.

It brought me back to when she fulfilled the same role it my wedding. It also made me question why, when she was flower girl at my own wedding, she behaved like the devil and kicked and screamed while being removed from the church without so much as a petal thrown in anger.

After the ceremony we had the most beautiful Mediterranean sunset and got some time to get shots taken on the beach. It was an unbelievably amazing time and we all look back on it with such fondness.

With the Ibiza wedding being so late in the day, we were a bit rushed for time for the pictures. We would have loved more time in such a beautiful place with Jude and Louis. After the beach pictures we went back upstairs again and had lovely speeches and dinner and then it was onto the first dance and partying 🙂

We had such an amazing time at Louis and Jude’s Ibiza wedding and every time we look back at the pictures it takes us back to being there. Wish we could relive this day again. Maybe if they renew their vows 🙂

If you are thinking of arranging an Ibiza wedding, let us know as our passports are ready and suitcases packed and we’d love to capture your big day on the white island too.

Much Love,

Nush, Ryan & Sofia.