We are based on the east coast of Northern Ireland, we are coffee lovers, passionate about traveling and love cooking all sorts of exotic food in the kitchen. Family time is very important to us and we have the most caring little girl called Sofia who has inherited her mum’s artistic eye – maybe one day she can join our team.

"What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment thats gone forever, impossible to reproduce"

We both work together at weddings and are renowned for a blend of contemporary and natural images, captured in a fun and laid back fashion. We love meeting our clients to talk through how to capture and personalise their big day, to give them memories that they will cherish forever.

who we are


lead photographer

Ever since i was a little girl, I have adored art. I would sit contently for hours by the window in my parent’s flat in Poland, drawing on scrap bits of paper. From as early as I can remember I have only ever wanted to follow my creative heart and mind. My dream of drawing, painting and a desire to be creative, took me down the path of Art in my early school years and continued in my future studies at university. In year 1 at uni, I used my students loan to buy my first ever camera (a Nikon D90) and from the very first moment I held it in my hand, I fell in love….. this is where my photography journey began. From that point on I have barely gone anywhere without my camera and I feel so fortunate that the dream came true as my passion, has now become my career.



second shooter

Ever since I was young, I dreamed of carrying camera bags for my wife and driving her to weddings… Nah, actually, I am second shooter for Nush at all her weddings. Nush’s infectious love for photography rubbed off on this budding amateur who was bitten by the wedding bug from the very first groom prep I shot… I have never looked back. Hundreds of weddings later and I am like a kid at Christmas the night before weddings. My only regret is that I didn’t get involved in wedding photography earlier than I did. I have worked in the IT industry for years and have a technical mind and love that element of the camera, which perfectly complements Nush’s artist perspective.

our motto:
The perfect photograph is a collaboration between what you see and what you feel.
– Agnieszka Marsh