In an earlier blog, i mentioned about the additional pressure of shooting the wedding of Katie, who’s mum Geraldine works for one of the most prestigious magazines in Northern Ireland, and who sees countless wedding portfolios in the magazine as part of her job.

Well I think we must have adequately impressed at Katie’s wedding, as we were asked to capture Katie’s sister Amy’s stunning wedding to Cathal, at Ballymagarvey Village, outside Dublin, a year later.

It was lovely to see so many familiar and friendly faces again at such a beautiful location. It was our first wedding at the beautiful Ballymagarvey Village and after seeing the venue and surroundings, it would be in our top 3 favourite Irish venues we’ve shot at.


I left the house early in the morning to get a taxi to Amy’s childhood home, where I had an amazing breakfast with Amy, Katie, Geraldine and Paul. I travelled down to Ballymagarvey Village with them to get ready for the bridal preparations. Ryan would leave a little later than me and made the drive down towards Dublin on his own, to meet Cathal and the lads in a hotel near the church, for the groom preparations.

All the lads got ready in Cathal’s room at the hotel. Ryan said they couldn’t have been nicer and, as with all groom preps, he loved to hear all the stories, jokes and craic the guys were having while getting ready.

Amy’s and her bridesmaids all got ready in a pretty little cottage on the grounds of Ballymagarvey Village.  After Katie’s wedding we think of all the Waddell family as friends, so it was so nice to be in their company, taking pictures again. I have to remind myself sometimes that this is my job – I am so lucky. I adore it ❤️️

The Make-up artist was Michelle Reggazzoli Stone from and what a stunning job she did. The beautiful hairstyles were Aisling Hamill.


The ceremony took place in a quaint little chapel not far from Ballymagarvey Village, set out in the Irish countryside. It was off a little road that went for miles with nothing but fields and a lone petrol station. The little church had such character and was a fitting setting.

As is usually standard, Ryan arrives with the lads earlier than me and surveys the ceremony venue. He sets up the additional camera at a high vantage point, to get a shot of the bride entering the church, and controls it by remote control. With the lads and guests all in place, it was time for the beautiful bride….👰

After the ceremony, Amy and Cathal were given a guard of honour by Cathal’s Hurling teammates. Hurley is a traditional sport in Ireland where 30 men get onto the field of play and batter each other with hurley sticks. There is actually great skill involved but to watch it, you would understand how you would need to be brave to play it.

It was then onto Ballymagarvey Village for the reception. Ryan actually started driving back to the hotel where the groom preparations took place and we had to change direction very quickly. A spot of speed limit defying driving later, and we were able to arrive at the same time as the wedding party. Thankfully…as the shots we got were worth the potential penalty points on the licence. 🚗💨

After the ‘traditional’ family pictures were taken out the front of Ballymagarvey Village, we were able to grab some time with the newlyweds, and capture some shots of them on their own. Cathal and Amy were so laid back the whole day and were a pleasure to be around. Amy and Katie’s weddings were both super enjoyable day

After these shots were captured, we went about getting pictures of the decor and guests, while Amy and Cathal enjoyed some time with family and friends. There was such a relaxed vibe about this wedding and the day passed in the blink of an eye.

After the eloquently delivered speeches, dinner was served and it was like something from a Michelin Star restaurant. Each new course was as equally outstanding the previous. After dinner, the room turnaround for the evening do occurred and we then found out Amy had booked drummers to come in and play as a surprise. They were superb and created such an atmosphere that was carried on into the first dance and beyond. 💃

Is it even a wedding if it doesn’t have a conga line at it….

As is standard at all weddings we shoot, Ryan drives home and I fall asleep half a mile into the journey. Whether it’s  one mile or in this case 100 to home, I sleep like a baby. Weddings are long days but I couldn’t imagine doing anything else in the world.

If you are getting married at Ballymagarvey Village, or indeed any other beautiful venue, please feel free to get in touch and come see us for a chat about all things wedding. We’d love to capture your special day too.

Much love,

Nush ❤️️