Tazmyn and Jordan’s Belfast City Wedding

When it comes to wedding bookings, some couples look to book with us years in advance – I get messages asking me if I have any Saturdays available in June 2028 – I’m not even sure i’ll be working in 2028 never mind available 😂  We always see some crazy coincidences too…one time within the space of 24 hours, I got asked three times about the exact same date a few years away – but it was taken already….😮

….you also get couples like the lovely Tazmyn and Jordan, who contacted us and basically said ‘We’re getting married in 6 months, can you be our photographers?’….and luckily for us the date was free…and how glad we were. They called to our house with their lovely daughters Saylor and Dillyn and after meeting them all we knew we were going to have an amazing day.

When Jordan and Tazmyn arrived at our house to meet us, we went into the garden room and their girls went into the house with our daughter Sofia. It was hard to know who had the better time – Saylor, Dillyn and Sofia who raided the sweets cupboard and were watching films on Netflix…..or Ryan and Jordan, who raided the beer fridge and were playing pool as Tazmyn and I chatted about kids, life and weddings. Ryan told me to write that he 7 balled Jordan twice 😂 🎱 #facts

Wedding Day 💍

The morning of the wedding started like most of our weddings – Ryan dropped me off at the venue for the bridal prep 👰 where Tazmyn and the girls were getting ready at 10 Square.  He then drove to the guys for the groom prep pics, where Jordan and his best man were having a hot towel shave 🧔 -> 🤵

Meanwhile, back at 10 Square – all the girls were getting their make-up and hair done 💅 …..but it was all relaxed and fun the whole way with Tazmyn and all the bridal party 😍

Meanwhile….the guys were getting the suits on and would soon be leaving for the city centre….

It was back with the girls who were just putting the finishing touches to getting ready…

So with the guys on their way, there was a slight wardrobe malfunction and along with a few other things, it meant that there was a bit of a delay in the girls getting ready on time. Let’s just say the stunning Tazmyn was fashionably late⌚

but Jordan didn’t have to wait too long though for his princess…..and my goodness me, it was well worth the wait as the beautiful bride soon made her way down the isle to become Mrs Patterson…


After the signing of the formalities was completed and the pictures were taken, the new Mr & Mrs Patterson left the building and didn’t Tazmyn and Jordan look happy….

Mr & Mrs Patterson


After the ceremony there was a drinks reception for some refreshments and some music from a special guest Jordan’s grandad, who was cheered on by two of his biggest fans…

The Legend
The Groupies

Picture Time 📸

It was then out to Belfast City Hall for the pictures…..This is where Jordan and Ryan both ended up in the dog house. Jordan was making one too many jokes and Tazmyn frustratedly said ‘Would you stop it Jordan, i don’t see anyone else laughing’ and Jordan said ‘He’s laughing’ pointing at Ryan (he was laughing too 😂) – So Tazmyn shouted at Jordan and I shouted at them both for upsetting my beautiful bride 😠😠😠 both walked off with their tails between their legs but we all had a good laugh about it and moved to Belfast City Hall for the pictures.

We always like to get the bridal party and family pictures done quickly to allow them to go back and continue the celebrations….🥂🕺

After the bridal party pictures are completed…..it’s time for the big romantic shoot. We always chat and talk the whole way through these pictures and it’s so relaxed. No pressure to pose like your on the Milan catwalk but we always give a few pointers on improving posture and angles, but it’s always fun. We usually chat to put couples at ease but these two were chatting more to us and putting us at ease 😂 It was so laid back – Tazmyn and Jordan had us smiling and laughing all day and here was no different. You can’t help but smile and laugh when you are in their company.

It was on these steps in the City Hall that we got one of my favourite images from the day. I put it in black and white which I think makes it looks timeless. Everyone who comes to chat about weddings, loves this picture and it’s a shot people ask for if they are having a Belfast City Wedding. Tazmyn and Jordan have this image on their wall at home too ❤️ 📸 🖼️

Belfast Wedding
The Beautiful Couple

It was then the short walk to Ten Square for the the beautiful couple, back to their venue to celebrate…

Just before the dinner, we were able to take Jordan and Tazmyn up to their penthouse room and get some shots with Belfast City Hall in the background

Evening Do💃🍻

When all the wedding guests then had their dinner, it was Party time……DJ Dave Rawlston is someone we often see at weddings and he is such amazing fun – He always gets empty dance floors filled with people. You will always get good dance pics with him running the show.

DJ Dave

…..but there was no worry about having to fill an empty dance floor at this wedding….firstly it was the Bride and Groom’s first dance…

and then it was madness the rest of the night…..the ‘tunes were pumping’ and everyone was getting up to dance..

Jordan even got the master of ceremonies up to dance…..his actual real name was Mo Salah…We always remember Jordan signing the Liverpool song to him all day 🎶 Mo Salah, Mo Salah, Mo Salah….running down the wing….Sa la, la, la, la, laaaaa the Egyptian King 🎶 The poor man didn’t know what hit him but Mo Salah was a great sport the whole day. Such a great character…..

Mo Salah
There’s only one Mo Salah

…but no one could steal the show from the stunningly perfect bride who, even at this late hour of the evening, looked flawless while dancing the night away with her family and friends…

Mrs Tazmyn Patterson

As I said before…..Jordan and Tazmyn had the Penthouse Suite in Ten Square for that evening, which overlooks the City Hall buildings. It would have been a shame not to utilise this for an evening shot, so we went up and got one of the last shots of the day with the City Hall as a back drop.

The last shot of the day was a family picture……of Tazmyn and Jordan and their little boy, who Tazmyn carried around all day…..She was 14 weeks pregnant at the time of the wedding 😮 pregnant with her little boy Boss Jordan James Patterson ❤️

After the wedding, Tazmyn received some bad news and was unfortunately diagnosed with skin cancer 20 weeks into her pregnancy and had to under go an 8 hour operation at 23 weeks pregnant. Boss was later born via an emergency C section at 30 weeks and weighed only 3lbs 2oz. Both Tazmyn and Boss are absolute warriors. Both have been through so much and have great support through their amazing family and friends. Read more of Tazmyn’s story here: Tazmyn’s Story

Boss is now a healthy, gorgeous almost 2 year old – which is truly amazing……he’s their little miracle baby ❤️❤️❤️

Tazmyn and Jordan – you guys are amazing and we loved every minute of your big day. Ryan and I look forward to seeing you all soon ❤️

Nushy x


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